With this section of athletebay.com we will be helping all amateur and pro MMA fighters to get sponsors for their fights. The companies that we work with will not commit to financial sponsorship but will donate equipment , supplements or apparel depending on the companies that we have available at that time.

We will provide sponsorship for 3 fights which you will be expected to wear all the companies logos on your fight shorts/trunks during the fight, name on the banner if your event allows them and mention all the sponsors that you use on facebook/twitter prior to and after all 3 fights. If you provide photos we will display them on www.athletebay.com.

We need at least 4 weeks notice before your first fight that you will be getting sponsorship for.

All events that you will be fighting in has to be a registered event that will have a sizeable crowd.

If we feel one of the events that your fighting in has not got the best interest for athletebay or the sponsors, we will have the right to pass on that event.

Please contact me direct at admin@athletebay.com for more information